How to pay with Money Gram?

Pay With Money Gram

If you cannot pay with Western Union from your country, Money Gram is another good choice.


You need to check whether you can pay with Money Gram in your country or not.

Check the country


If you can, login to your account on our site and come to the pricing page.


Check pricing


Choose a hacking package by clicking "ORDER NOW".


Choose Money Gram as your payment method, please submit the promo code to get the discount on your package.


Submit order and you will see the receiver's info.


Money Gram accepts payment in cash, with card and by phone; please choose one you prefer. Once you pay, Money Gram will give you an Ref#.


Send us that Ref#, we will add credit to your account once we could verify your payment and you can hack immediately.

Send Payment Info


Login to your account and start to hack an account.


Here are the steps to pay with Money Gram:

- Visit Money Gram agent / website

- Fill the Send Payment form

- They will give you the Ref#

- Give us that Ref # and your account name on our site

- We credit your account

- You can now login to hack

Money Gram is similar to Western Union. However, we are not sure if you can pay us with Money Gram so the first step is: please call them to their toll free number or to the number of a nearby Money Gram office to ask.

If you are in a country where you can pay with Money Gram, then please go to the pricing page to submit the order, choosing the Western Union (yes, Western Union) as the payment method, then you can get the receiver’s name and address. You can now send payment to that receiver person. The same person can receive money paid with Western Union and Money Gram.

Visit their website (, choose your country, find a nearby Money Gram office to get their phone number. You can also call their toll free number (Customer Hotline number) too.

Please call them to ask if you can send money from your location to a foreign country with their Money Gram service. If yes, then please send payment and let us know. If you need the receiver’s info again, please let us know so we could send you the receiver’s name and address to pay via Money Gram.

Once you pay, go here to send us the payment info.

Pay with Credit card/ Debit card on Money Gram website

Actually, you can pay us with your credit card / debit card online on Money Gram easily.

Just visit Money Gram website to make payment. They will then give you a Ref # which is a number of 8 digits. Give us that number and your account name on our site. The receiver will need that number to pick up money and we need your account name on our site to add funds to your account.

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