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The difference between Free Security Code and Premium Security Code

Security Codes are used to prevent abuse and to increase the success rate of the hacking process. A Security Code can be used for many times once obtained. On the hacking form where you need to enter the Facebook login

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Security Code

You can pay $1 via Paypal or with your credit card to get a PSC. You can also text a message from your mobile to get a Premium Security Code. The Premium Security Code can also be used for many

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What the Security Code will not help you?

Security code only helps you speed up the hacking process. Getting the Security code does not mean you will get the final password. Getting the Security code does not guarantee that you can decrypt UFD2 Hash password successfully. Please kindly

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What is the Security Code?

Security code is used to increase the speed of hacking process. It is optional for you to enter the Security Code into the hacking form.

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What is a Free Security Code and how to get one?

The Free Security Code (FSC) is Free. Follow our instruction and do it, you can get the FSC immediately. If you want to get a FSC, you need to click on Facebook Like button, or click the Google +1, or

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How can I get a Security Code?

There are two types of Security Code – Free Security Code – Premium Security Code Either Free Security Code or Premium Security Code can be used. Free Security Code is totally free. You just need to go through a few

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What is the Security Code used for?

Security code makes hacking process run faster i.e once you submit your hacking request, it will be processed immediately. Without security code, you can still start the hacking process but you need to wait for at least 100 seconds because

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