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So how to hack a Facebook account?

* Enter email login to Facebook, but not in the form of the email address given to you by Facebook, i.e username@facebook.com. You MUST find the exact email address used to login to the Facebook account in order to hack into someones Facebook account - Click here to find the email...

* Dont know that email login to Facebook ? No problem! If you know the Facebook page of the target person, you will get the email login. Here is the steps you need to follow the find that email address. - Click here...

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Watch How We Hack Facebook Account

Hack Facebook

How To Hack A Facebook Account

Quick guide to hack a Facebook account:

  • Login your account or sign up for a new account on our site if you dont have.
  • Enter the email address used to login your target Facebook account. It should be a Hotmail, Gmail, Hotmail, ... account.
  • Provide some personal information: your name, your real email address. So we can send the password and support you more.
  • Answer the anti-spam question: click on the link to get a Security Code to continue the hacking process.
  • Decrypt the hacked password: once you get the UFD2 Hash String, go to our decrypt tool to decrypt that Hash Code to get the password.
  • Get the password: wait for minutes for our tool to retrieve the password for you.
  • Hack Facebook Accounts

    Hack Facebook

    How to hack Facebook?

    If you know the email address used to login your target Facebook account, you can enter it in the form above to start hacking. If not, you can hack that acc by hacking Facebook ID.

  • Hack Facebook with ID number

    Hack Facebook ID

    How to find Facebook ID number?

    Just visit your target Facebook profile. Look at the Facebook URL to get the ID number. Or you can use the free tool to find the Facebook ID number.

  • Hack Email accounts

    Hack An Email

    How to hack an email account?

    In general, it is similar to hacking a Facebook account. You just need to provide your target email address and some required information to start hacking.

  • UFD2 Decrypter

    How To Decrypt

    Do I need to download?

    You can use our UFD2 Decrypter to decrypt your UFD2 Hash password. You dont need to download because it's an online decrypting tool. Just follow the directions.

Our service

Which accounts can you hack?

Currently, we provide hacking services: hack Facebook, hack Facebook ID number, hack most types of email accounts i.e. Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, ... Just choose the preferred hacking section to start.

Do I need to download or do a survey?

No, you dont need to download a software or do a survey. All you need is providing us some required information. And our system will do the rest. You will get the password within minutes.

How can I hack a special account?

Just look around to find the preferred hacking section. If you cannot find where to hack that account, you should email us to inform this hacking request. After buiding this hacking section, we will inform you via email then you can come back to hack.

Can you hack Facebook ID?

Yes, we can hack Facebook ID number. If you dont have the email address used to login your target account, you can hack that account with Hack Facebook ID tool.

Does he/she know that I already hacked their account?

No, they wont know. Once you get the password, dont login immediately. Just contact us, so we will disable the notification fuction on their Facebook profile. If you dont change their password, they never know that.

Does Facebook know Im hacking an account?

No, you are safe behind our site. When hacking an account: Facebook or email with our system, only our site connects to the Facebook, email servers, not you. You dont hack that account directly on Facebook or email servers.

Hacking process

I enter the Facebook email address to hack, but it says error.

It should be the email address used to login Facebook, but not in form of the email address given by Facebook username@facebook.com. It must be a Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, ... account.

How to get a Security Code?

There are two types Security Code. You can get a Free Security Code by clicking like us on Facebook, clicking on Twitter button or Google +1 button or pay just $1 for Premium Security Code.

Note: If you are using Internet Explorer and dont get a Security Code. You should try again with other browsers i.e. FireFox, Chrome, ...

I liked your Facebook, but cannot get my Free Security Code.

You should wait until the page is full-loaded. Watch the video to get more info.

I click Google +1 button, but where is my Free Security Code?

You should try again. You can watch the video here to see how to get a Free Security Code.

I already paid for a Premium Security Code, but cannot get the code. Why?

Once you make your payment, you will get your PSC. But if you dont get, you should chat online, text or call us, or email us to get help.

Please give us your email address used to login your Paypal account, we will check and send you the Premium Security Code.

I already paid $1, why cannot I get the password?

You have paid $1 to get a Premium Security Code. Just before you made your payment, you should read that paying for the Premium Security Code doesnt guarantee to get the final password. It only helps your hacking process faster.

To get the final password, you need decrypt the UFD2 Hash String.

I got a long password, but it doesnt work. Why?

It is the UFD2 Hash password that is encrypted by Facebook or email servers. We retrieve it from the Facebook or email servers and we dont change it.

You need to decrypt that UFD2 Hash Code to get the final password.


What is the UFD2 Hash password?

Once you hack an account successfully, you will get the hacked password which is the UFD2 Hash String of 32 characters in red. It is encrypted by Facebook or email servers. And it isnt the final/ plain password.

Can I get the final password without decrypting?

You should know that the hacked password you get is encrypted by Facebook or email servers, and you cannot use it to login any account. You need to decrypt it to get the plain password.

After logging in, I go to the decrypting tool and enter the UFD2 Hash password to decrypt, but it says error. Why?

You have hacked the account but you dont login to your account on our site. You have got a session at that time. When you login to your account on our site, that session doesnt exist anymore because the site has created a new session for you when you login. So you need to hack that account again from the beginning to the end.

Can I decrypt for free?

Hacking on our site is free, but we charge a small amount to decrypt. We cant decrypt for free because we need to pay to build and develop this system, to pay a lot for our "friends" in Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, ... administration teams to hack for you.

What is your pricing?

You should visit our pricing page to get more info about our pricing and payment methods.

After sending the payment, how long can I get the password?

Once you pay us, we will add credits to your account. Then we will inform you via email and you can come back to hack and decrypt.

If I want a refund, what should I do?

In case you arent satisfied with our service, you can email us to ask for a refund. Please read our Refund Policy before sending an email.

Hack account
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