How to add credit to my account?

Once you hack a Facebook account or hack Email accounts successfully, you will get the hacked UFD2 password. If you want to continue using our service to decrypt that hacked password, you need to add credits to your accounts.

There are many ways to add funds to your account on our site.

You can pay us directly to get your account credited.
You can also do something for us in exchange for your account balance.

If you want to pay, we offer you 2 packages which are Once Hacking Package and Unlimited Hacking Package. Just choose the preferred package, and click “ORDER NOW” button, follow the instruction on your screen to complete the order.

We advice you to purchase the “Unlimited” package to hack unlimited accounts without paying any extra money. This is the best package for you, especially if your target person changes his/her password often. You can hack it again immediately and get it within minutes. Moreover, now we are offering discount for this package; you can not only hack unlimited account but also save up to $150 per package.

For your preferred package, we offer you many payment methods including paying through Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Wire, PayPal and Credit/ Debit Card. However, the best way to pay us is via Western Union because it’s instant, fast and secure for both you and us.

You can pay money in EUR, USD or with your local currency, but make sure that the receiver can pick up payment in USD. If you want to convert the price from USD to your currency.

Please visit this page: to see Live Currency Exchange Rate.

The other way to get your account credited, is helping us to promote the service, and get paid because people pay us from your preference. Looking for the affiliate link in your personal account on our site.

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